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Are you aiming for success?

The more prepared you are, the more successful you should be. As an outdoorsman, Rich Kelly takes this essential lesson to heart. As a financial representative, he helps you make the most of opportunities for financial independence.


Rich will work for the future of your family and business as meticulously as he plans a hunt. He will see fine details and the greater picture, take things one step at a time, explain, teach, and advise you so that the decisions you make are the right ones for you and your family.


Most likely, there are hidden financial advantages within your business - and Rich can help you find them. He can study your qualified retirement plan and your patterns of contribution, and recommend ways to get more out of your plan. For example, most business owners put 15-25% of their salary into a QRP, but many plans allow for larger contributions. You may be able to better leverage your plan, and you should invest independently so your business isn’t your only valuable asset.


Exiting a business takes precise planning - especially if you’ve run the show for 20 or 30 years. You may want to hand the reins to a son or daughter, fund a buy-sell agreement to transfer things to a partner, or simply cash out with all the money you can. Whatever your wishes, Rich can work with your attorney, your accountant, your insurance advisor and your family to make sure that you get the outcome you want, and that all parties are satisfied.


You don’t want your wealth to go to the IRS or the courts when you pass away. And while you may have done some estate planning, it’s wise to review and revise your plan in light of changes in your business, changing goals and priorities, and changing family relationships.


Aside from your business retirement plan, Rich can provide personal investment management for you* - functioning as your personal CFO.


You may want to investigate long term care insurance to protect your wealth if you have a family history or predisposition to a serious medical condition or illness. Not everyone needs LTC insurance, but if you, Rich can introduce you to the funding options and the many different care options now available.


How do you run a business and handle college costs at the same time? You start saving for college early through state-sponsored tuition plans (529 plans). Rich can help you save for your child’s college education in this tax-advantaged way. **

E-mail Rich if you’d like to request specific services for your life and business. 

**529 Plans are subject to investment risk and do not guarantee that you will accumulate enough money to cover college expenses.  By investing in a plan outside your state of residence, you may lose available state tax benefits.  529 Plans are subject to enrollment, maintenance, and administration/management fees and expenses.  Make sure you understand your state tax laws to get the most from your plan.  Tax-free withdrawals apply to qualified educational expenses only.  If you make a withdrawal for any other reason, the earnings portion of the withdrawal will be subject to both state and federal income tax and possibly a 10% federal tax penalty.